Novel Webs is a proven design, development, and creative partner from Oyo Town, Nigeria! We stand out uniquely among all other website designers in Nigeria. We deliver high-quality projects on time and to the client's specifications every time.

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Bespoke Designs

Website designers in Nigeria that delivers powerful and efficient website designs that will make your business stand out on the web.

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SEO Solutions

Optimizing our web designs to rank very high on all the major search engines is our specialty.

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Efficient Solutions

Always delivering bespoke solutions rooted in usability, creativity, aesthetics, and craft.

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.:: Website designers in Nigeria

Novel Web Designs, a subsidiary of Maven Website Solutions (Registered Company: 2744879) is a firm with a unique blend of experienced website designers in Nigeria dedicated to superb website and application developments regardless of the project’s intricacies.

We specialize in creating high-quality, aesthetically pleasing websites for businesses, personal, and e-commerce. Websites that sell, draw customers in, and earn their respect are delivered in record time to our clients.

Employ the team of  tested and trusted website designers in Nigeria that will always deliver great results regardless of your project’s complexities.


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Bespoke and Innovative

Your company's online presence is represented by its website. We design beautiful, intuitive websites which are responsive on all modern and mobile devices.

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stylish and user-friendly

The future is in commerce. Create an online store and capitalize on the momentum. At Novel Web Designs, we create sophisticated, stylish, and user-friendly internet stores.

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Build and Deploy

Creating smart and straightforward software/apps. As reputale website designers in Nigeria, we create and design web and mobile apps of highest quality and efficiency.

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How We Work


Step 1

A project typically kicks off with a discovery workshop to help us gain an understanding of your project’s strategic goals, user roles, and data.

Step 2

This is where we bring the experience and expertise and skill of our team—everything from hardware design to UI/UX—to bear on the project.

Step 3

We deliver within a maximum of seven (5) working days, giving you time to review the project. All corrections gets instantly effected.

Step 4

Our comprehensive documentation will give you all you need to manage the project and maintain it at any point and keep improving it.

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Service Pricing


    • 1 Free Domain Name
    • 5 - 15 Web Pages
    • 1 GB Hosting Space
    • 4 GB Monthly
    • Bandwith
    • 20 Customized Email
    • Contact & Registration forms
    • Classic product / services banner slideshows
    • Photo and Video Galleries

    • 1 Free Domain Name
    • Up to 35 Web Pages
    • 5GB Hosting Space
    • 10GB Monthly Bandwith
    • 100 Customized Email
    • Contact & Registration forms
    • Online Shop & Payment
    • Daily Backup of Files & Databases
    • Photo and Video Galleries
    • Social Media Feeds Integration

    • 1 Free Domain Name
    • Up to 60 Web Pages
    • Unlimited Hosting 
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Unlimited EmailS
    • Online Shop & Payment
    • Daily Backup of Files & Databases
    • Photo and Video Galleries
    • Social Media Feeds Integration

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